Bitwalking app permissions

  • Camera - Camera is used only when you would like to take a picture for your profile image.

  • Storage - Giving you the ability to choose an image from your gallery.

  • Contacts - Used when you want to invite friends and share your status.

  • Location - Used as part of the walking algorithm and step validation to mine W$. The Bitwalking app cannot work without it.

  • SMS - Used for the phone verification procedure.  

Do I need internet connection in order to use Bitwalking app?

You are able to use Bitwalking app without internet connection for limited period of time.
You will need to connect your device to the internet, so we could validate your steps and convert them into W$.

While you are not connected to the internet, Make sure BW app is still running.

When you are offline your Today Balance will change to grey and the offline icon will appear.


Does the app needs to run on the background?

Once you have signed in to your app you can close it and let it run in the background. The app will not require your attention unless needed. You can always check your today progress in the notifications bar widget and click on it to open the Bitwalking app. 


The Bitwalking background process requires minimal resources and will not effect your device performances or battery life.

You can terminate the background process anytime by clicking 'Switch Off'.
If you choose to terminate the background process, your app will not work and you will not generate any W$ until you activate the app again.

Do i need the Location service turned on?

Yes. Location services are required to validate your steps and generate W$.
Please make sure you enable location services otherwise you will not be able to generate W$.

The Bitwalking process is optimize to require only limited resources so it will not effect your device performances or battery life. You can even use it also in power saving mode.

Bitwalking Android App user guide - Step by step walkthrough


Download Bitwalking on Google Play or


After installing Bitwalking app open it. 
On the first screen, you need to click “Sign up”.


Then, you will be asked to enter your email and password.

Pay attention - Password must have:

  • At least one letter
  • At least one number
  • More than 5 characters
  • Not contain consecutive characters (for example you cannot enter ‘123’ or ‘abc’)

After you finish filling up the first page, click NEXT.


On the next page you will be asked to enter your phone number:


We will send you an SMS with 4 digit code you need to enter to verify your number.


You're in!


On first time you open the app with your code, you will be asked to approve permission to Bitwalking app to use the location service. This is important and you cannot use the app without location service.

After approving location service, you will be asked to choose the google account you are using on your phone.

Next, you will be asked to complete your profile.
You can also add a profile picture by clicking on the avatar.

Complete the process and click SAVE at the bottom of the screen.





  1. Today
    Your daily achievement (Walking Dollars (W$) generate so far today).
  2. Store button 
    By clicking Store button on the top right corner of the screen you are opening Bitwalking store. 
    In the meanwhile you can vote for products you want to see on our market.
  3. Invite button
    Click Invite to send invitation to your friends to join Bitwalking.
  4. Your Balance
    By sliding the screen from left to right you will see your total balance that you currently have in your wallet. You can also access your balance by clicking on the Bitwalking logo in the top left corner. 
  5. Menu
    Access the app menu
  6. Share Today
    Share your current daily status with anyone



  1. Profile
    Click on the top of the menu on Profile to enter your profile information.
    In the profile screen you can find and edit all your personal information, add profile picture, change your email address, password, etc. 
    To enable editing of your info, first click EDIT on the top right corner, and enter your password, then you'll be able to choose the detail you want to edit. Don't forget to save your changes.
  2. Wallet
    In the wallet you will find your W$ balance and transactions history.
  3. Buy / Sell W$
    Buy or Sell your W$ directly from the app. 
  4. Invite friends
    Click to send invitation to your friends to join Bitwalking.
  5. Invite Business
    Click to send invitation to a business you like so they can join Bitwalking and start accepting W$. 
    To send invitation just search for the business name or choose it from the list/map.
  6. Support & FAQ
    In the support screen you can find Bitwalking help center and FAQ. If you did not find an answer to your question, Don't hesitate to contact us by clicking Submit a request.