Walk for a cause

The Nokia-Bitwalking Walk for Cause event runs from October 17 to 20, along with the Futurecom Conference in São Paulo, Brazil, and it is available to all Bitwalking users in Latin American countries. During the 4-day event, you can commit your generated W$ to the cause. At the end of the event Nokia will convert the raised W$ amount to USD and donate it to education projects providing computers and Keepod devices to students in the region. Be a part of the change.

Starts: October 17th, 9am (GMT-3)
Ends: October 20th, 6pm (GMT-3)
Territory: Latin America
Cause: Education Projects
Platform: Android


1. Download the App

Download the Bitwalking app from Google Play or at dl.bitwalking.com
Only Android users can participate at this time.


2. Join the event

Once you have signed up on the Bitwalking app, go to 'Events' and enter the event information. Opt-in by clicking on the  ❤  symbol. 


3. Start walking

Start Walking! Nokia will convert all generated Walking Dollars into $USD to donate to charity. The more you walk, the greater impact you will have.


Tag & Follow the #nokiawalk event:


“Our sustainability vision is to invent, design, and deploy technologies that make a real difference to people’s lives and to take responsibility for the impact we can make in the world. Through this initiative we will be able to change the life of hundreds of children just by combining technology and a daily activity for a cause”
Dimitri Diliani,
Head of Nokia for Latin America

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