Last days for the Bitwalking pre-sale. Considerations for investors

This is it! We are at the last days for the Bitwalking pre-sale.
Thinking to participate in the Bitwalking pre-sale? Cool. Not much time left (last chance March 31st) and you should take in consideration a few factors.


W$ are offered at a 43% discounted pre-sale price. We have studied this number according to our future plans to deploy W$ and the wish to remunerate our early adopters in the best possible way. 

We are building a new value system with the goal of re-setting the balance of global wealth. You are participating in the creation of a currency that subverts capitalist ideologies and formula, making it possible for anyone and everyone to create value for themselves. W$ are aimed for mainstream use as the BW platform offers free and simple ways to perform transactions and payments as a basic function on the BW App. You are free to accept and send W$ free from commission, intermediates, or time consuming actions.

If you could buy one US dollar for 0.57 cents, how many dollars would you buy? Probably not one. 

A clever approach to purchasing W$ will stem from the thought of what amount will improve your purchasing power. 

Taking under consideration the amount an average active person can generate per day (about 0.50 to 1.00 W$), will lead to a conclusion that buying an amount of W$ that one can generate in a few month or a year by moving - will give the buyer purchasing power. It is a much wiser way to understand how to use our economical power efficiently. 

Give yourself the economical power to hold W$ now, taking advantage of the last few days of the Bitwalking pre-sale. To get your W$ click here. 

Obviously, the pre-sale is just a small element in a wider picture of the Bitwalking economy. We choose to be independent. No corporate, VC, or any other unethical source of funds was used to build Bitwalking and we have no interest in such. Buying W$ is a concrete way to support us but its not the only one. Learn more on how you can join Bitwalking here.


Bitwalking iOS app released

The Bitwalking iOS app is now available for download at the Apple App store.

This app is experimental and may or may not eventually be the official Bitwalking app when we release the currency to the public. Even if it don't, it will speed up the development of Bitwalking by allowing us to quickly test new approaches and technologies.

Using the app

With the Bitwalking iOS app you can generate W$ by movement. The app will capture your movement and send it to validation on the Bitwalking Network. W$ are accumulated in your balance and available to spend directly. 

You can monitor your activity and transfer funds to any user or business by using the new Bitwalking P2P transactions network. 


This is by no means an exhaustive list of features. The app is now ready to begin its experimental journey with new features scheduled to appear in the next weeks.

Apply for an account

To access Bitwalking please:

  1. Download the app and apply for an account: 
  2. Press Apply
  3. Enter your email
  4. Wait for your invitation

We can't promise anything but we will do our best to invite you soon. At the moment we priorities users that participated in our Beta and people that participated in our pre-sale

Please note! Beta accounts have not been migrated yet to the new network. If you are a beta user, please wait for our email confirming that we are ready for you.

Look out for our next updates. 


Bitwalking Beta testing is over, new app released!

The Bitwalking Beta Testing phase is over. Thank you to all the participants, we are excited to move forward to the next stage deploying the new Bitwalking network and getting ready to launch. 

Beta users: we are at the final stage getting ready to give you access to the new app. Please delete your old Bitwalking app and download the new version from the Google Play store at: 

Please note that you will be able to login to Bitwalking with your old credentials so you don't need to apply for a new account. All your accumulated W$ are waiting for you safe in your account.

We will let you know when we are ready for you. Please stay tuned for our app update and news. 


New users: Please download the Android app ( and apply for an invitation. iOS users apply via the 'join beta' button on our website.

Bitwalking Begins

Bitwalking begins today. It was made by you. Now, It’s here for you. It’s this sequence of events that brought it to you and it will stay only if you decide so.

We live in a strange world of dreams, lies and wires that is going through a chaotic time. It was built to protect us and keep everything stable. But now we do not know what is true or what is false. We have become lost in a fake virtual world and cannot see the reality outside.

It’s a cruel understanding, but it never hardened our heart. Instead, it broadened our moral imagination. It helped us see not just the world as it is, but the world as it should be and will be..

From all of this, Bitwalking was born. A currency that sees all people as deserving of dignity and respect. Of a chance.

What we’re creating is a new way to participate in the world. A technology that walks with us, that recognizes our human value. A new global currency generated by each of us, for all of us. Your steps convert into digital currency; and a step is worth the same value for everyone — no matter who you are, or where you are.

We find no need to posture or traffic in what’s popular in the moment; we find no interest in polls or fads. We are working only for the purpose of making life better not just for people here, but for people around the world, including those who had fled war and fled oppression. We believe in the irreducible value of every human being. Our technology was built on this idea and symbolizes for us the undeniable forward march of human progress.

We will deploy the Bitwalking network in steps. We start with the initial ‘Mining Phase’ which we launch today. With this we are building the value, the community, and the network to sustain the Bitwalking currency. Soon after, more currency features will be available to all.

Access to the Bitwalking Network is available via Android systems and will support more platforms as we move forward.

We draw strength from the overwhelming reaction and support provided by our followers in the last months. And we take this opportunity to thank all of the early testers, the contributors and believers that helped us and pushed us — even when we doubted ourselves.

In solidarity,
Nissan, Franky and Team Bitwalking