Bitwalking iOS app released

The Bitwalking iOS app is now available for download at the Apple App store.

This app is experimental and may or may not eventually be the official Bitwalking app when we release the currency to the public. Even if it don't, it will speed up the development of Bitwalking by allowing us to quickly test new approaches and technologies.

Using the app

With the Bitwalking iOS app you can generate W$ by movement. The app will capture your movement and send it to validation on the Bitwalking Network. W$ are accumulated in your balance and available to spend directly. 

You can monitor your activity and transfer funds to any user or business by using the new Bitwalking P2P transactions network. 


This is by no means an exhaustive list of features. The app is now ready to begin its experimental journey with new features scheduled to appear in the next weeks.

Apply for an account

To access Bitwalking please:

  1. Download the app and apply for an account: 
  2. Press Apply
  3. Enter your email
  4. Wait for your invitation

We can't promise anything but we will do our best to invite you soon. At the moment we priorities users that participated in our Beta and people that participated in our pre-sale

Please note! Beta accounts have not been migrated yet to the new network. If you are a beta user, please wait for our email confirming that we are ready for you.

Look out for our next updates.