Last days for the Bitwalking pre-sale. Considerations for investors

This is it! We are at the last days for the Bitwalking pre-sale.
Thinking to participate in the Bitwalking pre-sale? Cool. Not much time left (last chance March 31st) and you should take in consideration a few factors.


W$ are offered at a 43% discounted pre-sale price. We have studied this number according to our future plans to deploy W$ and the wish to remunerate our early adopters in the best possible way. 

We are building a new value system with the goal of re-setting the balance of global wealth. You are participating in the creation of a currency that subverts capitalist ideologies and formula, making it possible for anyone and everyone to create value for themselves. W$ are aimed for mainstream use as the BW platform offers free and simple ways to perform transactions and payments as a basic function on the BW App. You are free to accept and send W$ free from commission, intermediates, or time consuming actions.

If you could buy one US dollar for 0.57 cents, how many dollars would you buy? Probably not one. 

A clever approach to purchasing W$ will stem from the thought of what amount will improve your purchasing power. 

Taking under consideration the amount an average active person can generate per day (about 0.50 to 1.00 W$), will lead to a conclusion that buying an amount of W$ that one can generate in a few month or a year by moving - will give the buyer purchasing power. It is a much wiser way to understand how to use our economical power efficiently. 

Give yourself the economical power to hold W$ now, taking advantage of the last few days of the Bitwalking pre-sale. To get your W$ click here. 

Obviously, the pre-sale is just a small element in a wider picture of the Bitwalking economy. We choose to be independent. No corporate, VC, or any other unethical source of funds was used to build Bitwalking and we have no interest in such. Buying W$ is a concrete way to support us but its not the only one. Learn more on how you can join Bitwalking here.