Q: How does it work?
A:  Our technology converts human movement to currency. 

Q: I am paid to walk? 
A: No, you generate money on your own. We provide the platform to make that happen.

Q: Is this free? 
A: Yes.

Q. Are you spying on me to make profit?
A. No. read our privacy policy

Q: Can I generate money also by running or cycling?
A: Yes. Our technology models any human movement. Run, dance or shake your hands, thats up to you.  

Q: Where can I spend my Walking Dollars (W$)?
A: You can spend W$ with our third party partners, with stores accepting it, and trade W$ with other users.

Q: Can I accumulate money?
A: Yes. Your W$ accumulate each day and remain in your account until transferred or spent.

Q: Can I transfer my Walking Dollars?
A: You can instantly transfer funds to anyone, anywhere.  

Q: Is this secure?
A. You’ll have complete control of your money and enjoy top security features.

Q: OK. How do I join?
A: Download the app and signup.