bitwaking faq

we regularly update our faq. please check what is new from time to time and feel free to contact us if you can't find what you are looking for.

Q: how does it work?

A:  bitwalking converts human movement to currency. 

Q: i am paid to walk? 

A: no, you generate value on your own. we provide the platform to make that happen.


Q: is bitwalking a cryptocurrency? 

A: no. we are not a cryptocurrency, coin, or any of that. bitwalking is something new.


Q: will I get commercial discounts, rewards, or coupons for fitness? 

A: no. bitwalking is not a marketing platform.


Q: do you track your users? 

A: no. bitwalking is built on radical privacy and anonymity principles. read our terms.


Q: is this secure? 

A: you have complete control of your W$.


Q: is this free? 

A: yes.


Q: so whats your business model? 

A: we don't have one.


Q: how is the platform sustained? 

A: contributions. you can help out directly in the app.


Q: can I transfer my W$? 

A: you can transfer your W$ instantly to anyone, anywhere. no transactions fees.


Q: what is a bitwalking ID? 

A: bitwalking ID is a 16 digits unique identifier that acts as your wallet address. it is used for transactions and is the only identifier needed to make them. you can find your bitwalking ID in the bitwalking app main screen.


Q: what are bitwalking levels? 

A: bitwalking account levels determine the exchange rate you get when generating W$.


Q: how many bitwalking account levels are there? 

A: there are three Bitwalking account levels. level 3 accounts get the highest exchange rate for their activity.


Q: can I move between account levels? 

A: yes. the bitwalking account level is determined by your DSA. you will advance or go back according to your DSA score. 


Q: what is bitwalking DSA? 

A: Daily Steps Average. your DSA is constantly calculated on a 30 days average. 


Q: where can I see my DSA? 

A: in your bitwalking account. your DSA will appear after 30 days of activity.​​​​​​​


Q: how can I contact you? 

A: the best way to contact us is on Twitter.

Q: where can i download the app? 

A: here.